Deserter GT – Porsche 2000 GS FC

This Story goes a few years back:

Deserter GT 1

The year 1998 was written. Freddy’s lucky year began…

Deserter GT 2

It should be the very special buggy. Only a Deserter GT came into question! Blessing in disguise, an engine fire started the fire in me! THANKS TO THE PREVIOUS OWNER

Deserter GT 3

A cheap restoration was out of the question.

Deserter GT 4

Since the body of the buggy has broken in, the floor assembly had to be adjusted.

Deserter GT 5

A different kind of puzzle.

Deserter GT 6

Measure twice, then cut and weld.

Deserter GT 7

As if from a single source. Looks like licked.

Deserter GT 8

Organ donation does not give it. Everything new once!

Deserter GT 9

1998: All parts directly from VW from stock! Shock absorbers and steering vapors by KONI. Adjustable front axle by Puma.

Deserter GT 10

At the time, Hi8 cassettes were in fashion, so there are only videos of the construction and painting.

Deserter GT 11

Elephant feet don’t have to be. It should be the nipple lights. But how should the arrangement be? Freddy’s flash of inspiration.

Deserter GT 12

Nice RECARO sports seats, but not the end product. You just sat too high.

Deserter GT 13

Freddy didn’t want padding. That’s why it became a two-seater. At that time I had no kids 😉 Times are changing.

Deserter GT 14

Die Motorenstory Volume I (TypI 44PS)
You start small. No solution for duration!

Deserter GT 15

Finally – the first test drive. Like an orgasm!

Deserter GT 16

Off to the lake – go swimming with Czechman. That’s why you build a buggy. Oh yeah!

Deserter GT 17

Sunsets are romantic, but on this day it’s buggy in the foreground – sunset in the background.

Deserter GT 18

These two men woke the deserter to life again.
Many thanks to Papá and Vincenzo.

Deserter GT 19

Bigdick and litlle deserter on the street.

Deserter GT 20

Die Motorenstory Volume II (TypI 1700ccm)
You will never be happy, a new engine has to be put in!
Type IV is irreplaceable, light, powerful and authentic.

Deserter GT 21

Die Motorenstory Volume III
Small optimization on the Weber carburettors and exhaust manifold with double exhaust. Still not enough!

Deserter GT 22

Die Motorenstory Volume IV (914er 1700ccm, Schleicher Nockenwelle)
Through a long translated gear were easy 180 km/h (111 mph) indoors, with 10 l consumption. Phenomenal!

Deserter GT 23

Body adapted to the engine. Optics and power – simply brute!

Deserter GT 24

Finally with the butt on the asphalt through the Porsche 911 seats. Concept: flat, wide – red, yellow.

Deserter GT 25

Instruments from the Porsche 944 provide an overview. And a fire extinguisher is also there so that it doesn’t look like it did at the beginning.

Deserter GT 26

Die Motorenstory Volume V (TypIV 914er 1800ccm)
Has not surpassed the predecessor…

Deserter GT 27

Die Motorenstory Volume VI (GB 2000ccm)
Finally the desired torque. The 295 tires are now slicks.

Deserter GT 28

Looks finished, but the end is not yet in sight. Rims, front apron and belt guides for the 959er harness belts follow. The route is the goal.

Deserter GT 30

Hulk and little Deserter.

Deserter GT 29

The asphalt splitters…

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