Colani GT with Porsche engine

On a sunny Sunday morning in autumn, around 25 years ago, Freddy opened the classic car market and found what he had been looking for for a long time, a Colani GT.

A week later the body was ready in Freddy’s driveway, separated from the chassis.

The enthusiasm was great, even if it is already the second Colani that Freddy has found.

Because Freddy’s garage was already full and he would never part with his Deserter GT, he passed the car on to a friend.

The entrance was clear again.

And the chassis was sent on.

The proud owner starts at the very back.

The original parts have been restored piece by piece and not renewed as much as possible.

Body and chassis finally reunited.

The puzzle takes shape.

The engine is not in place yet.

There are many rims out there, but these rims really convinced the owner.

“Where do you want to travel?”

Simple, but still everything there!
Can a woman be more beautiful?

A Porsche engine from a hill climb car.
Only the weavers have been omitted by the owner.

Hood closed!

The back is already decorated!

The owner didn’t make it easy for the restorers. There was still snow, but the car had to be ready!

Puristic and loud, that’s how it has to be!

No place for cuddling, but for driving.

Aluminum, chrome and wood. And the most important thing for us: fiberglass reinforced plastic!

Two cars are waiting for the master without registration.

The surprise was a success!

The sympathy was there immediately. Dušan in his element.

The two siblings united!

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