Volkswagen Beetle Variant Combi

We were actually looking for an oldtimer for a rally! And we found one.

The joy was huge 🙂 Clear facial expression.

Resuscitation after 10 years. Only possible with a VW Beetle. Let him smell fuel and he purrs/itches 😁

The VW Beetle Combi at check-in. Nothing has escaped the eye of the old master!

After stripping, welding and sanding, sanding, sanding, everyone was allowed to get around the curves! Everything shaved once!!

Finally done!

Tadaaa! Peeling ended. The paint, the paint! Yay the paint is on it!

The colleague is stable thanks to the Porsche 911 donator.

The shine was not enough for us! We needed more of it!!!

Now the attachments are on! The bumpers took precedence. The running boards followed! Nothing off the peg, but all homemade.

Everything for the driver. 🛞

When the adults were exhausted, the children had to go on!

Age didn’t matter! No one was spared.

The new engine wanted to get in too! Of course also a Type4!!!
To be precise: 45 DCOE Weber double carburettors

There he is in full shine. Rescue operation ended!

The tires are at operating temperature. Let’s drive!

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