Freddy Buggy Baby – last trips together

April 2014 – Tour Berlin “Spinnerbrücke”

The asphalt was dry and the buggy eagles took off in flight formation. After the first half hour, the tires were at operating temperature.

The buggies were on the sunny side of the parking lot, the rest were in the shade.

Before the exhaust cooled down, we drove on.

The traffic light was green. A day later the excursion to the “Meilenwerk”.

Berlin air is good!

Also here -PURE relaxation-

Only the real traffic lights can stop us!

June 2014 – Oldtimer-days “Paaren im Glien”

The Buggyampel shines from the most beautiful and best side!

And this is Don Denko, our BBBBB (Big Boss Buggy Berlin-Brodek).

The fanbase is growing!

or “shrinks” 😀

A successor in every age group (thanks to racing genes)

The mole and his little car 🙂

May 2014 – Oldtimer-days Berlin-Brandenburg

Even a buggy wants to be on the big stage.

Unfortunately, beautiful moments don’t last forever 🙁

Founder Freddy on his never ending drive – R.I.P. on 10/28/2014
Our friend will always remain in our hearts and his soul accompanies us on every journey! We raise our glasses to a wonderful time with you. 🍻♥️

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