This time not from the barn, but unfortunately from the field... It was completely overgrown from the bush. Two hours of work to get the wreck free. But still a great accidental find thanks to Freddy!


After about 6 years of standing outside, not covered, everything was just solid… Once at home, the whole part was disassembled..


Color choice:
Red was out of the question! We wanted the original paint job. After the first layer of paint was sanded down, yellow appeared. So the decision was made.


The restoration is running to the fullest!


The bulkhead shows that it is a Colani of the first series.

↢ This Part


Not only surgeons wear white!
The master at work.


The project is taking shape.


Start! The fun can begin. Rims: hubcaps


Nice workplace and white dials for clear information.


Pure power and well suited for short races.


Even the 3-weather taffeta doesn't help with the windscreen… The audience cheers and the driver enjoys. Rims: Wolfrace


Rims: fox


The young driver has already secured her place


And yet back to the origin, cool steel without caps.


The master is silent and enjoys quite casually. Luigi Colani personally blessed his work with a signature.


Cooling optimized for longer distances. Cool runnings!









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