When do you start a new buggy project? Of course in winter! ;) Why? You drive in summer. We don't want the body to freeze. That's why it comes on a chassis.


And there is the chassis already! This is how it only works on TV or in pictures. In reality, however, there is a lot of work behind it.


And here the whole from the front view. But the opponents will never see them ?! Unfortunately, this doesn't always work ^^


Wedding ála Las Vegas!
The small windscreen provides a breath of fresh air in your hair.


The seats say it all! Our motto of the project: less is more.


But you still need a steering wheel.


Profile? Actually only when it rains;) (295/50-15)
For 1/4 mile Mickey Thompson tires. When the mountain calls, the slicks come on.


Centerline 2-part magnesium (5 1/2J x 15)
4,5 kg per rim


Rear rims (12J x 15)
Too bad to drive, right ...?
Optionally also 10J x 15


In the past, horses were stretched in front of the carriage, today they sit in the back :)


Sintered metal clutch? For whatever reason. So that the horses don't slip through.


A matter of taste? A buggy also needs eyes to see.


So that the horses can work properly, they need a lot of air. The 4 funnels ensure that.
Arab stallions are in here, how much? Maybe enough to be on the podium.
Each horse only has to move 3 kg forward ^^


The horse's favorite drink, only 102 octane. Better than any oat.


Do you need a roll bar? Regulation is regulation!


The creator admires his work from the background. Men never grow up :D


The beautiful piece from the side view.


According to the purpose!


First test and also on the racetrack. Dreams became nightmares. Every beginning is difficult.


Also a beautiful back can delight. The SVF Tomaszo in all its glory.


New Year New luck.
Ferrari California cleaned away !!! 1/4 mile, 1st place


Circuit, clutch problems, 2nd place
Unfortunately, happiness does not last forever.


New circuit, new luck? Had a lot of fun.


The mountain calls. Slicks are on it and the party goes on.
Total victory!




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