Freddy wanted him sportier and outside of the series. What do you do?


You take modeling clay and form a spoiler according to your own ideas. Easier said than done. The final shape came about after a long headache.


After many meters of fiberglass mat and a few liters of resin, it is finally ready. After a little fine-tuning, it was ready for the paint shower.


The designer in his element. Now the promise has been kept. The spoiler is completely adapted and installed.


Freddy's nephew is now dreaming for his own buggy.


The accuracy of the fit has become really great. The work was worth it.


The shape is reflected in the whole car.


Jaundice! Freddy finally sees his buggy as he has wanted to see it for a long time.


Before – afterwards


And goodbye, first off to the asphalt :)




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