Berlin, Berlin, it started in Berlin 1990.
The 20-year-old dream came true when we saw a yellow buggy on the street. Now Big Boss's Buggy. Then we were offered a buggy... but in two halves :D


Unfortunately, there was no one-piece buggy to choose from. That's why we took this one. The letter convinced us. In 1971 the buggy was bought directly from VW. - NO KIT!


The only option was a long buggy, which is why we moved and extended the floor assembly in its original Beetle condition.


"Hopefully my husband will let me drive too!"


"Let's see if I let you drive????!" :D


The agony of choice: Which skin should it be? None of these! Only magnesium was an option! ^^ Wolfrace and Ansen.


It's pretty dark at night...
That's why we turned night into day :D


Son full of expectations :D Let's expect the end result ;)


You start soft, …


Finally extended and ready to paint...


Garage painting at the best level!


Love for a woman is good but love for a buggy is better. But I made it into the driver's seat! ^^


"Well, that's a dashboard" :)


The first ride on type I was okay, but that wasn't enough for me;) There's still something going on ^^


Drifting in type IV mode = great combi


It was so fun until the tank stopped us. Evening already, darkness???


Like a beautiful painting.


Absolute Harley sound :-p


The 4in1 exhaust system was awesome, but way too much for the public road.


5 stars for safety :)


Recaro rally seats, with new leather cover.


Super suction noise, thanks to the Porsche 911 fan wheel. Suck baby, suck;)


The Wolfrace cannot be replaced by anything. Wollys olé!
Great grip from the broad Micky Thompson.


Well shot is half the battle.


Cool front and...


…great back! This project was the incentive for the club.




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